How we keep our facilities contaminate-free.

As always, the safety of our patients and our staff is a very high priority! We are following state and federal guidelines, as well as taking additional steps to ensure, to the greatest extent possible, that neither our patients nor our staff are exposed to the COVID 19 virus through our clinic. Every person, who works in our office, is screened and has his or her temperature taken before being allowed to begin work. We have closed our waiting room, so patients will not encounter other patients inside the office. Patients should call before entering the building, so that safe movement through the building can be managed.

To provide the best possible protection for our patients and staff, we have also purchased machines for each operatory that not only clean the air, but that also disinfects surfaces. Each machine will disinfect 3000 square feet in one hour, and we have one in each 144 square feet room. The machines have multiple filtration and cleaning systems within the machine, but what allows for disinfection of surfaces as well as the air is what makes this machine unlike other air purifiers.

The Beyond Air system converts water from the air into a disinfectant, but the molecules of disinfectant are also ionized so that the disinfectant is drawn to other matter. The disinfectant molecules are charged to be attracted to the aerosol particles created by dental instruments much like magnets with positive and negative charges are drawn to each other. This ionizing process is what allows for rapid disinfection.

Anyone who would like to review the material on these machines for peace of mind should email the office, and we will forward to you the documentation on the Beyond Air system. We believe that the follow up testing in our facility after the machines had been in place for several days bears out the claims made by the manufacturer.