Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We block appointments on our schedule weekly for emergencies and new patients.

We accept and file all insurance, but we do not contract with them. Arkansas has a dental "Point of Service" law which requires most insurance companies to either provide the insured with out-of-network coverage or pay for out-of-network services from the patient's "network" plan.

In 2007, we came to the conclusion that we could not provide the highest quality care for our patients while staying under contract with insurance companies. The insurance contracts were creating conditions that Dr. Solera felt was compromising patient choice, care, and fairness. He is not willing to use counter measures, such as rushing with his patients to fit more onto his schedule or charging our uninsured patients higher fees, in order to recover the insurance write-offs.

We block times weekly on our schedule for new patients and emergencies. We can usually accommodate new patients on our schedule within a week. Emergencies will be seen based on their need and can usually be worked into the current day's schedule.

The new patient appointment, including a full-mouth series of x-rays and a comprehensive exam, takes approximately one hour. If the patient has a cleaning the same day, the appointment usually takes an additional hour. The actual time needed depends on the patient's condition, time needed to discuss the exam results and the amount of buildup or type of cleaning being done.

You will need to bring a government issued photo id, your insurance card if you have dental insurance, and a list of medications you may be taking. Our new patient forms are available to download here and can be provided to us, before your appointment, by fax.

If you bring them to your appointment, you should arrive approximately ten minutes before your appointment to give us time to enter your information into our system. If you need to fill out forms at the time of your appointment, we request that you arrive at least twenty minutes before your appointment time.

Traditional Medicare does not cover any dental services unless you are having a tooth extracted to prepare a site for chemotherapy. Some Medicare supplemental plans do cover dental, but many only cover preventive care and in very small amounts.

Dr. Solera is a non-billing Medicare provider. What this means is that Dr. Solera is registered with Medicare, but cannot bill Medicare. Medicare will cover prescriptions from their accepted list when Dr. Solera is the prescribing doctor. Since Medicare does not cover dental services, there is no need to register as a billing Medicare provider.

Dr. Solera is not registered with Medicaid or ArKids. These programs are government programs, some funded by the federal government and therefore not subject to the Arkansas dental "Point of Service" law. They will not cover any services performed, prescriptions written, or tests ordered by Dr. Solera.

We subscribe annually to a publication of the American Dental Association which gives us the range of prices that are normal for our zip code from the prior year. We have been setting our fees from this publication since our second year in business in 1997. We try to keep our fees as affordable as we reasonably can, since many of our patients do not have insurance to help with the costs of their dental care.

We charge for Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen and numbing injections not accompanying any treatment. We do not charge for injections used to numb patients in preparation of dental treatment nor for any of the spa services that the dental office provides to the patients.

There is no charge for chair-side spa services, nor do we increase the charges for our dental services to compensate for these costs. Our massage therapist does provide and charge for services for her own clients not in conjunction with any dental treatment. Those services are not provided by the dental practice, and are not paid to the dental practice.

We can usually use current digital X-rays from another office. Occasionally we are unable to use third-party x-rays, such as paper x-ray images, which can be unclear, or when the entire root is not visible on the X-ray. Some Panoramic films cannot be used to diagnose decay. We always attempt to acquire and use any current X-rays available.

Dr. Solera does see emergency patients on evenings and weekends if the patient?s need is urgent. The exam fee after hours to cover the costs to open the office for business and power up the equipment is $200. Any other services, such as X-rays taken or re-cementing crowns, will be charged in addition to the emergency exam fee. If you are new to our practice, and you have insurance, we will file your insurance for you, but your full fee will be due at the beginning of any after-hours appointment. If you are a patient of record with substantiated insurance your account will be handled the same as all your other appointments.

As it could be dangerous to the patient and can create liability issues, Dr. Solera does not perform dental procedures beyond diagnostics without supporting staff. We provide after-hours emergent dental care as a courtesy, and our clinic is a private business. We are not an emergency room. Dr. Solera may not always be available.


If you schedule an after-hours appointment and you are a new to our office, you will need a current government-issued photo id. Please also bring your dental insurance information. To expedite your appointment please print our patient forms and have them filled out in advance.

Hear what our patients say

Patient Testimonials

  • I called the office for an emergency appointment today. I was scheduled, seen, diagnosed and referred to an Endodontist. Elapsed time was less than 30 minutes. From the first phone call to initial visit, diagnostic imaging followed by pain relief was less than 30 minutes. As a healthcare worker with the highest standards as par for the course, Solara Dental is an Eagle. From the front desk professionals to the dental crew behind the scenes, they are a well oiled machine and it did not go unnoticed. I was treated as family (first visit) from the second I walked in the door. The staff works together flawlessly and anyone would be hard-pressed to find that service anywhere else.

    As a single Dad, I will bring my daughter here for the care, respect and treatment from an exemplary staff of medical professionals. From one parent to another, I would highly recommend making the Solara Team your families provider of dental care.

    Josh B.
  • Dr. Solera and staff are terrific. When I lived in Bella Vista he was the only dentist I used. Very thorough and pleasant. Office staff is the best. Relaxing environment and great cookies and cwaffee. Come and practice in San Diego.

    Debbie K.
  • Dr. Solera and his staff provide excellent dental care for our entire family. Their attention to detail and level of service is incredible. They truly reflect a servant's heart as they meet the needs of our family and invest in the NWA community.

    Will B.
  • From the moment I stepped into the Solera Dental Spa, I knew this would be a different dental experience entirely. For the first time in my life, I experienced a pain-free root canal. I am so grateful to have discovered at the Solera Dental Spa in Bella Vista!

  • I have been to many dentists and could have never before given this kind of review as I was always a nervous just thinking about going to the dentist. BUT, that is no longer the case in my life thanks to Solera Dental. I would highly recommend Solera Dental to anyone looking for a good dentist and staff.

  • They were great!! Very nice people and are willing to work with you. I will be coming back.

    Melissa N.
  • My family loves Dr. Solera! My three year old loves going to see Dr. Solera. He can't wait to see the dentist!

    Cassi L.
  • Amazing! Couldn't ask for a better dentist. I have a huge phobia and they made me very comfortable and [also] have a massage therapist on site.

    Tera L.
  • The experience was so much better than I could have ever expected. You could look far and wide and not find a dentist office such as Solera Dental. I encourage everyone to use Solera Dental. It is an awesome place.

    Jim W.
  • I've been going to the Solera Dental Spa for almost 4 yr now. I've had a lot of bad experiences in the past with dental offices and Dr. Solera put me as ease immediately. The customer care you experience at this place is top notch. They make you feel comfortable and you don't feel like they are trying to reach a cavity quota. Who knew a teeth cleaning could actually be pleasant???? I was amazed... made me wonder about the dental services I was receiving previously. I would totally recommend Dr. Solera to anyone of any age. He knows his stuff and I have become totally confident in his services and recommendations for my dental health.

    Jared F.
  • I have been seeing the dentist for 2 years. I love his staff and they are awesome. They have a masseuse on staff that will massage you while you are getting your teeth done. They have warm chocolate chip cookies available. They know exactly who I am as well as the rest of my family. The dentist is very down to earth, knowledgeable and trustworthy. It is very easy to schedule when I need to be seen.

    Carrie B.
  • A wonderful staff of friendly people and an excellent dentist.

    Nancy D.
  • I love Solera Dental Spa! Everyone is very patient and super nice. Every time I visit, I am treated like family and made very comfortable. Dr. Solera is a great dentist that has been very patient with my many little hang ups. It is a beautiful place to spend time in with a great massage therapist on staff to make you feel relaxed.

    Marion K.
  • Dr. Solera explains everything so well, showing you your x-rays, etc. Patients are offered a very relaxing massage while dental procedures are being completed. We are both very pleased with our decision to go to Dr. Solera and highly recommend his practice to all.

    Paula & Billy Y.